• Choosing Executive Car Service over Taxi Cab Service

    You always have an option to either choose an executive car service or opt for the normal taxi service- popularly known as yellow cabs. The difference between the two types of services is quite huge that’s why we only offer executive car service. We believe in delivering the best corporate car services and thus have no option than to offer executive car service. We will highlight the difference between executive car service and yellow cabs.

    • Comfort

    One of the differences between our executive car service and yellow cabs is in the level of comfort that is guaranteed. We guarantee our clients the highest level of comfort they can get in car. The seats of our executive cars are very comfortable and thus will provide a comfortable journey.

    • Privacy

    The yellow cabs that operate usually have no privacy. There is no noise reduction in these cars making clients to be disrupted. Our executive cars have a unique feature that shut off the external noise from getting into the car. Therefore, you can conduct your business comfortably while we drive you to your destination.

    • Reliability

    You can rely on us to come and pick you at the agreed time. This is a unique feature that only executive car service offers. Yellow cabs are known to be very unreliable and thus not the best option. You should therefore count on us with our executive cars to offer you a reliable option.

    • Safety

    Our executive car service offers safety in two different levels. The first level of safety that we provide comes from the experience in our drivers. They are experienced and thus work to ensure that you are driven safely throughout your journey. The second level of our safety comes in the type of cars used. We have the best cars which are reinforced well to protect those inside in case of an accident. These security features are not there in a yellow cab.

    • Extra Service

    Our executive car services have extra services that we offer to our clients. Some of the extra services include drinks & snacks and WI-FI connections in the car. You can therefore enjoy these extra services as you travel with our executive cars.

    Choosing an executive car service is definitely better than going for a yellow cab which will not assure you of any of the benefits stated above.