• Minicoach

  • Minicoach information
    FeaturesThree point seat belts
    Leather interior
    Air conditioned
    Number of passengers18
    Number of luggage items10
  • Coach

  • Coach information
    FeaturesPA system with DVD / CD player
    Enhanced seats with leather head rests
    Hot water dispenser
    Seat-back tables
    Onboard W/C
    Number of passengers49
    Number of luggage items49

  • Having been in the transportation industry for quite a long time, we recommend that you use a party bus for parties over twenty-five people, popularly known as a limo bus or party ride, when going for a group party. But even so, you should be very careful when using party buses for any festive event. In our experience, we have noted some of the mistakes that people have been making when it comes to using a party bus. We have therefore compiled a list of 5 tips that you should know for you to have a smooth ride when using a party bus.

    • Make Party Bus Reservations

    It is important to make reservations for a party bus in good time to avoid last minute disappointments. Renting party buses requires prior preparations for it to fit your event and thus the need to make an early reservation. Early reservations also help you to get the best party limo bus.

    • Plan for Details

    There are major and minor details that need to be planned for in order to use the party bus effectively. If you are going for a party and there is a theme for that party, it is important to plan into detail what will be included in the party bus.

    • Decide on Refreshments

    The good thing with party buses is that it allows for the party to begin even before the real party begins. You should therefore decide for refreshments that you will have in your party bus. If you need to have refreshments, we will help you in getting the best in our party buses.

    • Consider your Music

    We can only suggest on the kind of music to be included but the final decision lies on you. You should therefore decide on the music that you will have in the party bus. When need be, we can offer a DJ to accompany you in most party buses.

    • Choose your Route

    We have experienced drivers who will help you in driving to the venue of your party. But even so, you need to decide on the route to be used to your party. Some people want to enjoy their stay in the party bus and thus choose longer routes with several stopovers. We have no problem with any route chosen so long as the itinerary is given to us in advance to prepare our drivers.

    The above mentioned 5 tips are what we consider to be the most important things that people should remember when thinking of using our party bus. Your group’s ride will be at its best if you consider our mentioned tips above.