• How to make use of a Stretch Limo

    A stretch limousine offers undisputed convenience to its users. All our clients who have used stretch limos before always come back seeking the same services. These limos with extended seating area are beneficial only if you make good use of them. Here below are some of our suggested ways in which you can make good use of a stretch limo after hiring it.

    • Come as a Group

    There is no need to hire a stretch limo if you are just alone. To enjoy the full benefits of a stretch limo, you should come in as a group. There are several benefits of coming as a group as highlighted below here:

    • Save Money: one of the benefits of coming as s group is that you will save a lot of money that would have been used in hiring different cabs for the group members.
    • Stay Together: you will also travel together and have fun inside the limo as a group instead of being bored as an individual.


    • Order Refreshments

    We have provision of refreshments in all our stretch limos. You should therefore order for the refreshments to fully enjoy your ride. If you have special drinks that you would like to have inside the limo, an advance notice should be given to us.

    • Choose Longer Routes

    Another way of making use of a stretch limo is by choosing longer routes to your venue. As a company, we advise our clients, to come early and choose longer routes for them to fully enjoy the ride in our cool stretch limos. We have experienced drivers who can guide you to the best routes for maximum satisfaction.

    • Request for Stopovers

    We also advise you to make itinerary that will allow you to make several stopovers. It is usually good scenery when our stretch limo is parked on the side of the road and guys are having some nice time-out near it. Therefore, make sure to request for stopovers when using a stretch limo.

    It is important for you to come early so as to use longer routes and make several stops and still arrive in good time.


    Now you know how to make good use of stretch limos. Ensure you make an advance booking from us and prepare yourself for an entertaining ride in a stretch limo making good use of it.